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Tramadol High and Tramadol Abuse


Tramadol medication is being prescribed as a medicinal substance. This controlled drug should be procured under prescription only. Also, this med is noted to have high abuse and dependence capability when compared to other drugs. Hence more care should be taken while procuring this pill.

The painkiller aid is abused in a lot of practices other than treating pain and spasms, such this drug is good enough to make the person have a relaxed feel. As this blocks the sensation of pain signals in the brain the person when feels tired if taken Tramadol will feel relaxed and out of tired for a while. Hence the abuse of this is increased.

Reason for the high range of abuse of Tramadol

Also while treating pain in a human, this Tramadol is formulated in such a way that this will bring the euphoric effect and takes the person feel high in a short range of time. This is another main reason why people opt to take this medication over prescription. Tramadol oral formulation is dissolved in the respectively short period and acts quickly and faster creating the euphoric effect in the patient. Hence an increasing number of people are involved in misusing Tramadol.

The Opioid effect of Tramadol is by the effect of the serotonin transporter in the thalamus of the brain this also induces good sleep in the patient once taken will induce good long-term sleep in them. Thus many intend in taking Tramadol for sleep. As taking Tramadol for sleep is not approved by FDA unless if recommended by doctors along with the combination of other medication.

The percentage of people taking Tramadol for disorders other than Pain in increasing in this way which should be taken much care and should be given proper medical guidelines along with the prescription. As the abuse and dependence probability of this medication is increasing every day and this increases the need to enhance the cautiousness among the Tramadol users.

Consequences of Tramadol abuse

The Familiarity of Tramadol has reached many people everywhere. The increased use of this med among the people has paved the way for many illegal troops of Tramadol and thus this medication is then made available illegally from the fraudsters suppliers of fake pills also this pill is made available in many online retailers and stores without Rx. Buying this controlled med without a legal document is offensive.

One notable beneficial aspect of Tramadol of is this medication is used for treating with added features. As mentioned above the med is capable enough to cure pain and brings euphoric effect in them making them feel high and help then to get rid of anxiety and left them relaxed for hours. And all this is seldom prescribed by doctors. But increasingly used over Rx by the users. It is also evident that only 20% of the med is obtained for a prescription to attain the feel of high and get rid of anxiety.

A survey was held in the year 2012, by Adam Winstock of south London and Maudsley NHS trust regarding the misuse of the prescription medication. It is noted that Adam Winstock is a leading Addiction specialist in London. He emerges to create cautious in prescribing the med Tramadol.

Survey on Tramadol abuse

Their survey report on the misuse of prescription drugs such as Tramadol has presented them the shocking report that this over the past 30 years of its footprint as the painkiller aid this is obtained from the GP by only 64 percent of the users.

And the abusing Tramadol from the friends by sharing was reported at 34 percent and 3 percent get the med from the dealers supplying Tramadol med and the remaining 3 percent from the internet. And the reason for the usage is also tracked by them which shows that persons using Tramadol for treating the condition of pain is only about 75 percent of the total users. 25 percent polled helping them to get a high feel and 31 percent as it is helping them to relax and 26 percent of the users use this drug to help them sleep.

The misuse of Tramadol by the respondents reported using the med alone and mixing it with alcohol and other medications to enhance the effect such usage of this have enhanced the risk of abuse as this enhances the feel of Tramadol in them.

Responsible prescribing of Tramadol

Dr. Winstock also mentioned that the Office of National Statistics revealed the mortality percent in England and Wales due to Tramadol usage in increasing in doubling range in the past 4 years. And when compared to the previous year percent the death rate was increased by 179. Following this survey report, the need for the caution for the use of Tramadol under prescription is also increased.

Hence he started the survey and says that the end report of the survey should remind the doctors about the responsibility of prescribing this Tramadol med to their patients. And this will be a better solution to get rid of the dependence of the drugs he says.

As the misuse of the Tramadol med is increasing in years the reclassification of Tramadol is under process to list the drug under category C. Therefore the pill will be listed as schedule 3 category of Misuse of drug regulations 2001.

By suggesting this practice the death rate of the Tramadol abuse will be reduced. The physicians should be more responsible for prescribing this med to their patients. And new act should be enabled in listing the med under cautious prescribing.


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