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The Journey of YourTramadol.Com in becoming the Leading Tramadol Online Dispensary

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The journey YourTramadol.Com, better known for most of the online users who buy Tramadol from online drugstores. It is one of the leading Tramadol online dispensaries in the United States. Becoming a leading internet drugstore wasn’t that easy to achieve in the first stage. It took a decade of hard work and dedication from our employees to make this possible. One can sell a watch or dress or any product online easily, it requires shining and polished outlooks and advertisements, but not on the medical sales. Medication gives in or takes out life, and when it comes to prescription medications, this will be a real deal. However, made it possible by earning the trust of the consumers around the country and overseas. But, how we made it here? Definitely not a smooth road however we had a one-track mind in achieving it.

At first, we hit the road as a brick and mortar drugstore in the year 2007. We have covered almost 38 states in the U.S and was running successfully. Our set-up for Tramadol drugstores in 12 of the other states was left-off due to the inability to supply the medication for varied reasons such as legal and border issues. Other than that,’s traditional drugstore was very much successful in selling the medication to our gracious customers. We never thought of ourselves as a shop owner, we were always in debt to serve our customers faithfully. Our journey begins from the heart of the country, Kansas, with a minimum number of employees, who worked their fingers to the bone for our firm. We sold Tramadol under many brand names and dosages, the most sold brand of Tramadol is Ultram which is officially a brand version of this pain relief drug. We sold both brand and generic Ultram with varied dosages satisfying each customers requirements.

However, our success story was great to be written, but not that all satisfied us in selling a medication as a traditional drugstore. Our target was to achieve in selling Tramadol to all the 50 states in the country and to overseas and only the license to 38 states wasn’t enough for us, it is not about gaining popularity or earning profits, it is about serving our customers with the best quality pills that each and every person in the country would be able to procure the pain relief drug at an affordable price.

Transiting To The Online Market

We tried a lot of ways but we never waited for a perfect storm to arrive, instead, we became one. We got our eyes on online shopping, one of the improvements in the technological world seems almost everything can be bought from online, so does the medicines. With that in mind, we have converted one of the brick and mortar dispensaries into an online dispensary. is our online dispensary and the reception we received was beyond our expectations. So, we turned down the offline store over the online dispensaries in each of 38 states. Starting from New York offline dispensary into the online dispensary and in such a way we managed to make 10 online dispensaries and 28 offline drugstores and slowly kept converting each traditional medical stores into internet dispensary based on the reception we received from our loyal users.

So then, the 38 offline drugstores have been made into 38 online drugstores not only that, adding other 10 states into the count of our online dispensary lists. Well, in the other 2 states we just placed Tallahassee, Florida as our Head Quarters and San Francisco, California as our Head Office. So, finally, we have done it, 50 golden states in the USA. Currently, we have been transporting our Tramadol products to overseas covering 7 countries including Canada, UK, and countries in Europe. FedEx was our first partner in shipping our packages, and right now we are partnered with many shipping logistics that help us in reaching our deliveries to our consumers right on time.

Our Future was started off with 300 employees in the year 2007 and right now we have about 1800+ employees around the world right at the service to the customers. We provided both branded and generic versions of Tramadol. We have improvised the facilities and operations of our online dispensary. Offers and great deals on the medicines help every person to be able to afford the drug. On-time delivering of Tramadol packages fulfilling the customer’s requirements. We provide different payment options using which a user from any part of the world can make payment online easily, no matter what currency they use. Right now, we accept COD, Credit or Debit Card, E-Checks, Bitcoins, and Amazon Pay. Our customer care service representatives will be available for 24*7 so, you can ask and clear your queries at any time you want, they will be very much glad in helping yours throughout the process. We are working on in providing the virtual doctor consultation service which will sooner be applied on our website so that one does not want to search for the availability of healthcare consultant outside or wasting their time for that, will offer that great facility too.

This is the little journey we have come across from being a brick and mortar dispensary into one of the leading online dispensaries. Our connection with the manufacturers of Tramadol greatly helps us in offering high-quality pills for the low price and thus makes our customers still relying on us in buying Tramadol online confidently.

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