Shipping Policy shipping provide assurance on 100% delivery on each and every time of our customers placed an order with us. We track your parcel from the moment of dispatching to the moment of getting delivered. In case of issues with your delivery, we will send a notification email within 24 hours. Thereafter you will receive a new tracking number and your new parcel will be shipped to your location once again. A tracking number will be received after the confirmation of your orders.

Our Shipment Conditions

  • Kindly note it that we do not provide reshipment or refund when you have given incorrect or invalid shipping address.
  • Before processing an order, we would confirm the identity of the person. Your order will be shipped from Monday to Friday rather than holidays. We associate with leading shipping service providers like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and EMS so your order has been shipped on time without any delays.
  • Sometimes we ship multiple packages for a single order, in this scenario, the handling, and shipping price is carried out only for the first package.
  • The shipping time will depend on the time of your medication order placement. If you find any delays in receiving your package is due to the natural disasters or held up with customs.

Shipping Time Estimation and Charges

7-14 Business Days

We would take a maximum of 14 business days to deliver brand Tramadol Searl, and Generic Tramadol Aspadol for the shipping type of Normal delivery and charging $40 for this shipping carrier.

4 Business Days 

US-US Shipping

For Express delivery, we ship generic Tramadol within 4 business days. The shipping charge accommodates for express delivery is $50 (exclusive offer). However, for Tramadol generic, you will be eligible to avail free shipping if you are going to order from and above 180 pills.

We provide shipping service to all countries worldwide. We will show up an estimated delivery on the order confirmation page. In case of any delayed shipment or receive a damaged parcel, then you can reach our customer support team.

All medication orders are sent securely and completely tracked. If your order is not received to your doorstep within 25 business days, you will be covered by our free re-shipment or refund policy. Orders are processed and shipped within one day of this tracking number being given and sometimes it takes less time.

Make sure to provide accurate shipping address by that you will receive the medicines right to your doorstep. Be available at your home to collect the medicines or request someone to receive it instead of yourself because there is a chance for the parcel to get miss somewhere in a transit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you mean by oversized shipping?

An additional shipping chargemight be attachedalong with the payment slip for certain products deliveredin the United States. These charges will be calculatedbased on the size and weight of the product. The additionalshipping fee is charged for the totalquantity of drugs ordered. Please note it down that you can getinformation of the charges on the checkout side and the product details sheets if the incremental shipping fee might apply to your placed order.

Which are the products to be left out from your shipping upgrades?

According to thepresentdemand and market value, a few of our most desirable products are not suitable for discounts. Products which do not meet the requirements will have the discounts and phrase coupons. Only a small number ofproducts are excluded from free delivery, which includes gift card buying and sales items.

Is it possible for me to order productsthroughCOD (Cash on Delivery)?

No,it is not possible for you to order products by means of COD (Cash on Delivery). As of currently, we do notprovide the service of COD. However, we will include this servicein futurefor guaranteed.

Do you offer free delivery?

Of course, we offer free delivery to all of our users who have placed an order beyondcertain amount. Free deliveryinformation will be providedon the checkout sidein addition to the product sheet. One should choose any one of the deliveryprocedure before continuing with the payment method.

Do your suppliesneed a signature?

Yes, all of our product packagesneed a signature at the time of delivery. The courier person will make two to three tries (exclusive of holidays and weekends). The transporters will never delivery the package without getting an authorized signature.