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The Top Five Professions to Marry the big doggs It has been a craze and a dream for most women to marry the big doggs. The result of statistical calculation shows that there are five top popular professions to marry a millionnaire. many are airline stewardess, Media women like hostess and women newspaper writers, Film stars or singers, assistants of executives and coaches of noble sports. 1. airplane Stewardess It is known that rich person would like to take a plane instead of other motor vehicles for work or for vacation so it is quite easy for airline stewardess to marry millionaires. The airline stewardess often meet some celebrities or millionaires unexpectedly in the plane, especially in the first class cabin of the plane, Which within symbols of wealth. in other words, They chinese dating site have lots of opportunities to meet some rich person over the course of work. 2. Media female several women professioned of media are popular with millionaires too, Since they have lots of opportunity to go to the formal occasions like wine, dance, Auction and charitable parties and meet chinese brides richest. also, They are advised and they behave well in formal occasions, Which will definitely make deep and good impressions on the wealthy people. A famous example of this may be Iker Casillas, The captain of Spain nation’s Football Team, Also the best and heated goalkeeper in the world, Whose girlfriend is also a surgeon. society known woman is Sara Carbonero. regarding 2009, during the period of the Confederations Cup in South Africa, Sara as the special correspondent of Telecinco was responsible for the live and follow up reports of Spain National Football Team. Casillas’ heart and whole caution was captured by her at the first sight. 3. celebrities or Singers Women stars getting married to into wealthy families, This kind of news is not surprising or unexpected to me any more. Women stars are always charming and exciting, And the wealthy are already fond of women of these styles. rest room most stars marry into the wealthy families. 4. assistants of Executives Assistants or secretaries of executives have the exceptional advantages of marry to the wealthy. on the other hand, They have the opportunity to communicate with their bosses; however,alternately, They also enjoy the possibilities of meeting bosses or executives from our companies, Which will doubtless help them to get acquainted with the rich. Their societal skills are sparkling points to enter the families of the rich. 5. motor coaches of Noble Sports horseback riding, getting, Golf and the like, to some degree, Are just available to the wealthy, So there’re called noble sports. Coaches professioned in those kinds of sports are seen as to be elegant persons. You don’t have to take them as the unique fators of pursuing your partners. real love and happiness do not only contain money.

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