How Does Your Order Get Processed?

To help you understand about the ordering process at YourTramadol.Com, we have briefed down the complete timeline. We take pride in narrowing the whole procedure to just 6 simple steps. Get to know what exactly you are paying for and how it is being carried forward.

  • Day 1 – We receive your order instantly, with your personal details and description of the product you have opted for. After few hours, our customer support executive will get in touch with you to verify the details that you have provided and on successful verification, the transaction gets processed instantly.
  • Day 2 – As soon as the transaction gets approved, we transfer your order to the shipping department. They would then check for the stock quality and availability that is always at a constantly positive phase with us.
  • Day 3 – Your product would go through quality checks and get wrapped up in a discreet package ready to be shipped.
  • Day 4 – Your tracking number gets generated and the product, by now, would have already been shipped. The same would be intimated to you via phone and email.
  • Day 6 – The tracking number becomes active and you will be able to check the details of your order from “Track n’ Trace” website.
  • Day 7 to Day 21 – Your package would be shipped to the warehouse nearer to your location, get dispatched and delivered to your doorstep by our delivery agent.

We would anyway require buffer time of up to 1 week, just in case of any complications. Over 99% of our orders, meaning up to 9900+ orders of 10000 get delivered within 21 days. However, delivering Tramadol within 21-28 days, is our sure bet. order processing

Important: If you want to know the exact status of your order, you can always ring us up at our toll-free number provided in the contact us page. We would directly call the shipping carrier, get the order details and update you via phone and email.