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“I Bought 400 Pills a Month”: Simple to Order Tramadol Online

Simple to Order Tramadol Online

Ordering painkillers from online dispensaries is not a very tough task today. You must know how easy it is for customers to get their pills ordered from these online pharmacies. However, what really shakes me is the fact that these opioid pain killers are available for the customers even in large quantities that most online dispensaries do not care about the health of the people involved. If you ask me, certain restrictions have to be brought in place for the safety of the customers and also to prevent the abuse of the drug due to addiction.

Recently, I was in conversation with a renowned personality, Dr. Adrian G Bartoli. He is a well-known person in the field of pain management, who has specialized in Chronic pain, Interventional Pain management, Complex Regional Pain syndrome and much more. With more accolades in the form of certification and a research publisher in leading science journals, he also serves as the medical advisory of

Dr. Adrian was very lively and vibrant explaining the dynamics of the online pharmacy and he also spoke to me about the flaws of some of the online dispensaries that exploit customers for their own benefits. That is when the story of Katherine popped up.

According to Dr. Adrian, Katherine is a 28-year-old adult who used to be in the practice of buying Tramadol in spite of not having a dependency on the medication. She lost her job and had to break up with her boyfriend in 2016, after which she started using Tramadol just because someone recommended it to her.

“I get into depressed when my job has gone and broke up with my relationship. I wasn’t really able to cope up with life when one of my friends gave me Tramadol out of the blue. The sensation induced by Tramadol was really overwhelming and I started buying the drug over the counter through some of the online pharmacies. I wanted something to cope up with my life and Tramadol was the best option I could go for,” she said to Dr. Adrian.

While there are restrictions in the US to get prescription drugs like Tramadol, she made use of the illegal overseas pharmacies that claimed to be based out of the United States.

“I never knew I could get Tramadol from online pharmacies very easily. But one of my friends had been doing it for a long time and she guided me through the process. I did not even need a prescription in hand. All I was asked to say is that I had a cyst and that I needed a pain killer like Tramadol to get rid of the pain. I just followed her words and it worked.”

The worst case scenario was that she was taking more than 20 Tramadol pills per day. She had even justified it by saying, “ Tramadol doesn’t really disrupt my daily life since it allowed me to work even after consuming it. It isn’t like the opiates that could put you off but a pain killer that can induce euphoria throughout the day.”

Tramadol can produce euphoric feelings in large quantities.

She had even told that the main side effects she experienced with Tramadol were over sedation at times that she would sleep for long hours. She described it to be a hindrance at the beginning after which she got used to it and that the feeling subsided after a few hours.

“I kept shopping at different online dispensaries for quite some time simultaneously. These online pharmacies are not linked and they do not establish any connection between themselves. As a result, they did not know if I was shopping around at other places.”

I believe this section is very important since most of the online pharmacies ask their customers not to shop at other websites. The biggest flaw here is that these pharmacies do not really know if someone places their orders at different drug stores.

The Result?

“I ordered Tramadol from more than three online pharmacies simultaneously that I have purchased 400 pills for a month.”

This fact alone is very alarming and it didn’t stop with that. In fact, she says that she even gets emails from those online drug stores on new offers tempting her to buy more. I mean this is not a food product that these pharmacies can follow aggressive marketing tactics to woo their customers.

Katherine finally decided to quit using Tramadol daily after a point since it affected her financially. She went through the horrendous experience of facing withdrawal symptoms but led a great fightback gradually to get rid of the medication completely. She only used to sweat or have stomach upsets during the process.

This is definitely a lesson for both the customers and the online pharmacies to find the loophole and seal it in order to prevent any form of abuse. Online pharmacies are really a great boon to customers if they are used in the right away. Also, some of the illegal online drug stores spoil the name of the whole group with illegal products or through the sale of medications like Tramadol without a prescription. I wish the legal online pharmacies limit the medication quantities and also ask for a prescription from their customers to avoid setbacks like that of Katherine. The process of ordering Tramadol at renowned stores like is very easy and simple if you have a prescription in hand. So, make use of these online pharmacies in a good way for they can provide high-quality medications with financial benefits.

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