Frequently Asked Questions


No, we do not. We charge only based on the type of delivery that you are opting for (Regular Shipping, Express Shipping, Overnight Delivery and 24 hours Delivery are few of the options that we provide)

Based on the shipping option that you have opted for, you may get your Tramadol parcel any time between 1 – 10 business day(s).

As of now, we ship worldwide except for North Korea and few parts in Africa (Egypt and Libya).

Yes, you get a full refund on tampered package or if any of your ordered product has been mismatched/ missing.

Not necessarily, just make sure there is someone to whom we can hand over the package in case of your absence.

No, all packages would be shipped anonymously and completely discrete bearing no sign of what is inside to promote confidentiality.

You will be provided with a tracking number after receiving the payment at our end. Using this unique number, you will be able to track your package right from getting it processed to having it at your doorstep.

We are working hard to make this a true deal, but sorry for the inconvenience, we do not facilitate BitCoin payment option at this moment.

No worries, our delivery executive will contact you at the time of delivery and you may request them to leave the package at your neighbour’s place or any other location mentioned my you within the area limit. You may also choose to collect the package directly from our distribution centre after showing a valid proof of yours used at the time of payment.


We accommodate only 4 payment options as of now.

  • Credit/ Debit Cards
  • e-Check
  • PayPal
  • Cash on Delivery

No worries, simply leave us a mail specifying the details about your duplicate payment we will work with your bank to refund the amount to you at the shortest possible time.

Yes, we use a highly secured offline processing method that is credited with SSL certificate to protect your credentials. None of your details is retained by us post payment.

No, you cannot. You may simply choose to pay through PayPal as a gateway and that is that.