Fair Mobile Number Usage Policy

Visa Card/Master Card:

A bank has an authority to decline a particular transaction for the multiple numbers of reasons such as:

  • Credit Card Details that is provided by the user might have entered wrong numbers or information.
  • Your card is unable to open for international transactions or the respected Bank might find it is too risky to make the transaction.
  • The insufficient sum of funds in your account.

These are the reasons and that is why we are here in this position to reach you on the right time to your number provided by you to notify about the issue and find a resolution as soon as possible, thereby the order will be shipped within the right time frame.

The mobile number which is requested from you will be used only for getting the clear payment declaration.

If the number that is provided by you during the registration is same as the number given while filling the payment method, then it will be easy for to call you and inform about the details regarding your order such as payment, shipment, and other processes. If the number that is provided by you is different then the first number given at the time registration of your account with us, will be the one used for every other communication between you and us. The number you provided while making your order will be used in case if there is a problem in processing your card.



For electronic checks, the confirmation from the bank of the billing amount is compulsory, due to this reason, it is must for you to provide us with a number using which the Bank can reach you quickly without any delay. If the process delays, then it would end up in delaying with the shipping of the order. If the number given during the registration of the account on our website is same as the number provided while filling the payment method, then we may contact you to provide the details regarding the order such as shipment and other.

If the number provided for registration and payment are different, then the number that you provide at the first during registration will be used for every other communication that would be conducted by you and us. The other number will be used only at the time if there is an issue in processing your E-Check. This phone number if different from the number provided during the time of registration can be used for the communication while shipping the order.