Proof Of Delivery

We, YourTramadol.Com, offer both electronic proof of delivery and delivery challan to our customers. It depends on where you live in. You have to know that we also would offer the physical proof of delivery to people. It is mandatory to sign in the POD no matter whether it is visual or physical. This serves as our proof of delivery and you may use this POD to refer to any queries regarding your package. This will be considered as the major proof on as to if the product has been delivered or not.

Delivery Challan

When the parcel reaches your place, you would be offered with a delivery chart. It is a must for you to sign in this and collect your package. This is a proof for you and us that the shipment is made properly.

Those who deny signing in this delivery sheet would not be provided with the parcel. This delivery receipt may be used as the proof of the received parcel. You will be required to check the product prior to signing.

Benefits of signing the delivery chart

  • The advantage of utilizing the delivery chart is that we would find it easy to track the shipment result. When you have not signed it we might know that you did not get the package and we would do the needful.
  • When you sign the delivery sheet, we would also track on your orders. There is a chance that you would become a part of our loyal customer too.
  • We are the only ones who might use 3 point delivery system. So, you can get a better experience from us.
  • In the delivery sheet, you can get all minute details.
  • You can know about the shipping company and much more hence helps you to plan accordingly for your future orders.
  • When you sign the delivery sheet, you can get the authorization to claim during any mishaps.

Email Notification

You will also get an email regarding the successful delivery of the packages to your registered email ID with Check your inbox regularly to know about the delivery notification. In case, you could not get any notification, then there might be a technical issue so kindly use your tracking ID to know the complete status by calling our customer care or using Track your order service.